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Mulder and Scully are on a tense search for a black labrador named Vader. The dog may hold the key to untold advances in medicine, but the scientist investigating the case has gone into biological meltdown with uncontrollable murderous impulses.

Antibodies (The X-Files)

Traveller, debt-dodger, itinerant critic, and writer of history books nobody buys, Orion Treet is astounded to be invited to accompany a top-secret mission: to observe and document an extra-terrestrial colony on a newly discovered planet. But the ...

Empyrion II: The Siege of Dome

The Black Dungeon Doorway The Black Dungeon Doorway is a Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel which I, Kyle Lance Proudfoot, have written. It is a romping metaphysical exploration through multiple realities with 4 characters: Orthe, Wodora, Aera and Pyre...

The Black Dungeon Doorway

When Esmay Suiza found herself in the middle of a space battle, the senior surviving officer, she had no choice but to take command and win. She didn't want to be a hero, but Once A Hero..

Once A Hero

For seven decades, L. Sprague de Camp was a giant in both science fiction and fantasy, renowned for his fast-moving action-adventure tales with a strong humorous element. Now, Hugo-winner and best-selling author Harry Turtledove has gathered toget...

The Enchanter Completed

London, England. A future dystopia. Mr Yakimoto, a Japanese businessman, loses everything and it's all down to a street drug called Zero, and the cell memories he experiences every night. From his new lowly status, he vows to find a way to get his...

My Friend, Freedom

Some 5,000 years ago an ancient race of immortal beings brought humanity into existence by pulling them from their grass huts and caves and into a modernistic society along the Nile river valleys. For centuries, mankind flourished under the tutela...

Timeless Conflict

Sterner St. Paul Meek was a US military chemist, and SF and children's book author. He published as Capt. S. P. Meek, Major S. P. Meek, and Col. S. P. Meek. He retired as a Colonel in 1947 and took up writing full time. His first published story w...

Giants on the Earth

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